High-profile concrete paths meander through the spacious front yard of The George. The roughly pleated ground, a roof with large multi-trunk trees, and a cover of perennials lower to the ground, exudes a woody character.

Both paths lead you inside the building into the atrium, which is 12 meters high. The height of the atrium, as well as the climate, create a perfect environment for trees to grow and flourish. A winding wooden staircase will lead you to the south side of the The George, where you will enter into a whole new environment. Sunshine, blooming plants, and colourful flowers. The Zuidas lies at your feet.

From your private balcony, you will see horizontal gardens across the width of The George. Compartments behind your railing are filled with perennials and higher plants such as shrubs and multi-trunk trees. This not only ensures your direct view is filled with luscious greenery, but that the greenery is all around you. Due to the compartments of flora on every level, a sawa-like garden is created that all of the residents can enjoy.

The watering of the plants is completely regulated. The rainwater is collected in the bowl on the roof of The George. A computer-controlled water supply system and droplet integrated tubes leading into the plant compartments provide exactly the right amount of water. Excess water due to heavy rainfall will also be removed from the plant containers in a timely manner. Everything computer-controlled and fully integrated into architecture.

“For the health and quality of life in cities, it is important to bring nature closer to the people.”