The beautiful staircase takes you to one of the 47 stunning apartments, with living area’s beginning at 88 m2. Everyone that wants to live here is exclusive, therefore every residence is also exclusive. This is already portrayed in the ascending shape of the building. This means that each layer and every apartment has a different shape and a terrace of at least 12 m2 to 69 m2. The interior decor will be determined together with the future residents. In this way, every apartment will be completely tailored to the residents liking in terms of materials, atmosphere, and feel.

Come home, open the electrically-operated speed gate at the entrance of Xavier apartment building on Leo Smit Street, drive down and park your car in the parking lot under The George. Take the elevator and arrive safe and dry in your apartment.

The purchase price for an apartment in The George begins at € 530.00, – purchasing costs payable by vendor based on annual fee payments. From Friday, June 9th at 12.00 onwards, all relevant information about the apartments can be found on this website.