The George

The exterior of the building resembles a summer dress lifted up by a lively breeze with a playful wink to the Amsterdamse School. Grandeur greets you upon entering the main hall. The provocative winding wooden staircase draped against green landscapes in your new, exclusive surroundings. Perfectly combined with gigantic terraces, filled with vegetation, offering complete privacy.

The George is technically sustainable by means of the solar panels located in the bowl on the roof, where rainwater is also collected. This water is then recycled to water all of the greenery. Security is another form of sustainability. Sustainable living together, but never at the expense of your privacy. Places that give rise to a chat, or just to sit and relax. Places that give you the feeling that you’re not alone in the world.

The George is an accumulation of beautiful apartments. Luxurious and modest, with a durable design. The most remarkable building located on the Zuidas.